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Welcome to The Greenbank Birth Center. From it’s birth in 1991 to present day, 28 years later, we have been committed to the highest level of service and compassion for our clients. We believe in client-led, collaborative care and strive to treat every pregnant person as the unique individual they are. We understand that pregnancy involves the whole person, mind, body and spirit, and by extension, their family and those supporting them in this journey and we welcome all. Our care is client focused, we teach and explain, counsel and advise, working together to make choices that reflect your family and your needs. Out of hospital birth can be the perfect choice for low risk families. We invite you to call for a free consultation and explore what we have to offer!

Welcome to Greenbank Women's Clinic & Birth Center!

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What Are My Birthing Options?

Interested in water birth? Need help deciding where to have your baby? Find out more about what birth services we offer!

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Love Letters

  • “We are so thankful for the way in which we brought our son into this world… a dream come true! Cynthia, a million thanks be to you and for you!”

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  • “As soon as I talked to Cynthia my mind was made up. She was so warm and inviting on the phone, showing a genuine concern for me. I felt she was someone I could really count on to guide me through my pregnancy.”

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  • “We could not be more grateful to Cynthia and her team for encouraging us to trust my body when things were going slow and when things were going fast as well as for the priceless prenatal and postnatal care.”

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