As soon as I talked to Cynthia my mind was made up. She was so warm and inviting on the phone, showing a genuine concern for me. I felt she was someone I could really count on to guide me through my pregnancy.
My husband and I live in a somewhat remote area with very limited options for prenatal care.  Though Cynthia practices several hours travel time from us, her passion for midwifery and allowing our bodies to do what they are designed to do naturally, resonated with me.  It was an easy choice.

Throughout my pregnancy I was constantly impressed with the level of care she offered. At each appointment Cynthia explained what was going on with my body and my baby, giving me plenty of time to ask questions. I appreciated that she not only answered my questions, but educated me in a reassuring way.

As we approached my due date, Cynthia helped arrange a nearby cabin for us to stay in so that we could avoid the anxiety of a long journey from home once contractions began. Being our first, we didn’t feel rushed to check into the cabin, but we decided to about a week before my due date.  We are lucky that we did because contractions began unexpectedly the next morning.

My labor progressed quickly and Cynthia rearranged her day to accommodate our needs.The care and support I received throughout this process gave me confidence in myself. I am proud of my daughter’s birth and thankful for the experience and Cynthia’s guidance.


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