My husband and I were so excited to be pregnant. I knew that I did not want a hospital birth and we did not feel comfortable with a home birth so we researched what other options were available and found Cynthia at the Greenbank Birth Center. That seemed like the ideal place and the first time we met Cynthia we knew she was a perfect fit. We ended up moving to Mukilteo shortly after meeting Cynthia but we kept going back for appointments and for the birth.

I had a difficult pregnancy with nausea and vomiting starting from before I missed a period until the last day before she was born. I also needed hormone supplements and regular monitoring. Especially after such a miserable pregnancy we could not wait to meet our little girl!

I thought my water was leaking a few weeks early so Cynthia graciously tested and found all was well, no leaking. I was due on a Sunday and the Monday before that I started getting regular contractions. All afternoon and into the evening they were getting closer together and stronger so we thought this was it! Around 9pm they slowed down and basically stopped by the time we went to bed. This happened everyday that week but I really wanted to let my body choose its own pace so we waited it out.

Saturday evening, when the contractions would usually lighten up, they got stronger and stronger. We were hesitant to think this was the real thing since we had so many false starts but they continued throughout the night and we kept in touch with Cynthia. Around 4am it was finally time to go to the birth center.

We got to the birth center and got settled in there then Cynthia checked me and found I was 4cm. We were disappointed since by now it was 5am and I had been in real labor since 10pm so we all figured we had a long way to go. We tried a few different things but I really liked being on my hands and knees in the shower best.

Suddenly, my body started pushing and I could not stop it! Cynthia checked me again and found I was 7cm – it was probably around 6:30am now. Since this baby was coming quickly we now moved to the tub and started filling it and preparing for her birth. It quickly became apparent that we did not have enough time to fill the tub but I did not want to move to the bed so we ended up having an empty tub birth!

The baby’s heart rate dropped, she had the cord wrapped tightly around her neck twice and they had to massage her for what felt like an eternity before she started breathing but then I had my precious baby in my arms looking up at me just after 7am. We then moved to the bed and birthed the placenta and then Daddy, Mommy and Baby got to take a nap together. Our baby Annabelle Joy weighed just 5lbs 14oz but 21in long – tall and thin like her daddy.

We could not be more grateful to Cynthia and her team for encouraging us to trust my body when things were going slow and when things were going fast as well as for the priceless prenatal and postnatal care. Overall, we had a wonderful experience and would recommend Cynthia to anyone!

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