Seeing as this was our second birth, we had some ideas about what to expect and what we wanted this time around. One thing we knew, was that we wanted Cynthia to deliver this baby again even though we no longer lived on Whidbey Island. We simply couldn’t imagine going through pregnancy and birth without her so we booked an airbnb and bought a ferry pass!
We thought we wanted our 2 year old to be present and hoped my mother would be able to come also. We could not decide if we wanted a “home-away-from-home” birth or to go to the birth center and ended up preparing for both.
We anxiously waited until our rental started and my mother arrived, both shortly before his due date, but he kindly stayed put! In fact, almost a week after his due date we had to start talking about monitoring and castor oil and were more than ready for his arrival!
I had been having contractions on and off since a few days before his due date but that happened last time too so we were not surprised. I saw my chiropractor and that evening baby finally dropped. A couple more days of contractions on and off. More waiting.
Finally, around 11:30pm on a Friday evening, some strong contractions woke me up and forced me out of bed. Everyone else was sleeping and I enjoyed having some time to myself to quietly work through the contractions and look forward to finally meeting this precious baby. By 1am I was no longer enjoying the time to myself nor was I quiet anymore so I woke my husband and mom to come help me. This was the real thing!
My husband called Cynthia to give her a heads up and then alternated massage and ice as the contractions came stronger and stronger. At this point we finally decided we would have a home/airbnb birth so soon Cynthia came over and got set up for the birth. It is really all a blur in my mind. Caleb was born around 4am, about an hour after the midwives arrived.
He was much bigger than his older sister – who managed to sleep through the entire thing! It only took minutes before Caleb was nursing and then he slept after his long, eventful night. We were thrilled to be a family of four!

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