When Deziree was pregnant with her first daughter, she visualized herself giving birth and then looking up to see the sun rising. She prepared for her birth with affirmations, birthing classes, and witnessing the experience of natural birth through videos of other powerful women.

After 24 hours of birthing in the comfort of her own home, her water finally broke. Her midwife, Cynthia, suggested she make her way to the birth center, where she planned to give birth. When she arrived, she immediately made herself as comfortable as possible and with the help of her doula, Lisa, she kept herself hydrated and rode the waves through prayer and lots of counter-pressure.

Soon after, the birth tub was filled, to which Deziree welcomed the warmth and relief of. Within 4-5 pushes, her baby girl was born.

At 5:45 am, as the sun was rising, she held her daughter Emery for the first time and was overwhelmed with intense joy and gratitude.

“My immediate emotions for myself and about the birth were just pure bliss, gratitude, and awesomeness. Through this experience I learned that although birth is hard work it’s nothing to be afraid of. Our bodies are built for such a time as this. To give birth. I learned to love, cherish and appreciate my body a bit more.”

After her beautiful birth, Deziree reflects on the importance of preparing for postpartum self-care and breastfeeding. There is so much wisdom out there to dive into, and your midwives are there for support.

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