Love Letters

Cynthia and Diana, We hope you are both faring well during this crisis. It must be such a scary time for expecting parents and your families are so lucky to have you as their caregivers during this time. I imagine there are families that have found their way to you, looking to avoid the hospital, who otherwise would not have and what a silver lining for them! We can’t thank you enough for your incredible care of us and of R. We are so lucky our birth experience was with you! R is happy and healthy- around 19 pounds now and wearing 6-9 month clothes!! He is pure joy during this crazy quarantine. Take good care. We will be thinking positive thoughts for you and all your expecting parents.  – A, S and R


It has been such a pleasure to work with you and your incredible staff. Your calm presence and years of knowledge have been so comforting. I will never forget the amazing experience of having both of my children at home and I truly love sharing my story. – J, J, E and P


I am forever grateful for your care and that I found you lovely caregivers at the Greenbank Birth Center. Thank you for what you do!

A,S and Baby E


You have played such a big role in our family’s lives and we are forever grateful to you for the never ending support, the unwavering love and care you have given not only to myself but so so many women and families. It is an extraordinary thing for a momma to be able to trust someone else to have the cares and concerns for their baby that are pure, motive free and truly what is best for mom and baby. You have helped bring into this world the two most beautiful and precious blessings to I and myself and for that we will treasure you in our hearts forever. Thank you always. – M,I,A and L


Cynthia and Diana! Thank you so much for your care throughout my pregnancy and birth. You both made for a nurturing process and I felt “seen” every step of the way! I really appreciate the impact you make on so many lives. -E


One year later and I am still amazed at the care you provided during my pregnancy and childbirth. You made the whole experience a beautiful and positive one. The families of Whidbey are lucky to have access to your incredible expertise and support. Thank you for all you do for our community! -A, R and E

We feel so blessed to have found you. We could not have hoped for a better experience and we are so grateful to you for the amazing care you provided us on this wild journey. Thank you for making us feel so loved and supported during this time! -M,T and baby G

Dear Greenbank Family,
Thank you for doing everything you could to welcome me with love and great care and support! I feel so fortunate to have been born in your facility! I hope to see you again soon! -Baby A

Thank you for being our biggest support before, during and after the wildest experience we’ve ever had! You made our impossible dreams a reality. We are sincerely grateful. You always made us feel like your greatest priority and now we think of you as family. Hope we visit again soon!
“Lord that lend me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness” -William Shakespeare
-N and K

Yea, yea, midwives rule but I want to put in a good word for the Greenbank Birth Center facility. It was the most magical place to give birth! It was quiet and green; we walked outside for a lot of my labor and I felt one with the physical world! We had the place to ourselves and felt so taken care of (back to giving kudos to the midwives!), but, after two hospital births being confined to the room and then the bed, (clearly hearing the lady in the next room to me), the quiet, calm atmosphere, the freedom to follow my body, walk, sing, (some might say scream but it was music to my ears!), was a gift. Thanks you guys and to the beautiful birth center you built! -H

Thank you guys so much for everything you did. I couldn’t imagine a better birth. It was such an empowering and spiritual experience for me that I’ve actually started looking into the process of Doula Certification so I can be there to support women like you all did for me. I was so happy having all of you there to cheer me on to bring our baby into this beautiful world in such a beautiful way. I’ll miss you guys! – S.

You were all beautiful treasures to share the wonderfully smooth experience with as we prepared for the baby! Thank you for being such an awesome team of positive energy. Much love -J

Thank you for all of your loving warmth and support and everything you all did to help bring our precious boy into this World! – K

I have had 4 children in a hospital and this was by far the best experience. I felt I was informed and included in every decision made for myself and my daughter. The water birth was an amazing option for pain management. The after care was so personal. I felt it was the best care I and my child have ever received. I am for ever grateful to all the women at Greenbank Birth Center. -A.

Dear Cynthia, We can’t thank you enough for your careful care all the through pregnancy and birth! You have changed my life for the good in many ways! Thank you, you are surely the world’s BEST MIDWIFE!!!-J.

Dear Cynthia, You are amazing. We feel so blessed to have such a caring, smart, gentle and beautiful woman be there for us during the birth of our son. We want you to know that we will forever be here for you if you should ever you need anything from us. The gift of service that you gave could never be repaid. You will always be in our hearts and prayers. Thank you for everything. With so much love-N.

Cynthia, Thank you for being so calm and patient. I couldn’t have done it without you and hope you know how much we appreciate you! Thank you for making this experience amazing!-T.

Hello Cynthia! It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 20 years since we left Whidbey. Have to say, have had eight babies and you were/are my favorite midwife! Your sensitivity and gentleness are par excellence! You set the bar very high. I kept trying to find another Cynthia in our subsequent travels. The women of Whidbey are blessed to have you- you are a jewel. If I were to have any more kids I’d choose you again, but I don’t think that will happen! Just turned 55. (How did I get here?!) God’s richest blessings to you – H.

Cynthia, I wanted to write you a quick note in honor of J.’s birthday (still a month away, but I knew I’d forget if I didn’t do it now). J.’s birth was the bravest day of my life, thank you for believing in me and encouraging me through the pregnancy and labor and delivery. I love his birth story. People still think I’m crazy for having a home birth, but I believe I was courageous, brave and I knew I had the best midwife on the planet. I think about his birth often and only remember how amazing it was (even though the back labor was awful and I don’t think I will ever forget it!). Thanks for being a part of our family’s story. – S.

At one point, late in labor, I remember looking around the room at this amazing, supportive group of midwives and thinking how lucky I was to have such a wonderful and competent team caring for me and my baby. – J C

I would have NEVER even thought of or considered going to a midwife a year ago. I was totally ignorant to the whole concept and had preconceived notions as to what type of people they were and who went to them. I am SO blessed that someone recommended it to me – I actually took the time to Research and pray about it. [Now] I cannot even imagine doing it any other way! Thank you Cynthia you have majorly impacted our lives!!!

Cynthia, I don’t know what to say! Everything was perfect…both times! You’re Amazing! -A B

I was so happy to be treated as a whole person, not just a walking uterus. Having the actual face to face time at my prenatal appointments was amazing. -B G

This being our first experience, we were so pleased and thankful for Cynthia’s knowledge, wisdom and patience. Allowing my body its own time for the whole birth process was so important. I really appreciated being able to experience the power of my own body. -B B

Midwifery is care with the intimacy of a real relationship. It feels so right to leave behind the interventions of a typical hospital birth. It feels safe!! -J P

I would recommend a midwife to any woman. Cynthia provides personal care like no doctor I’ve ever been to. I feel like she’s part of my family. She’s truly an amazing lady. Thank you!

The moment I met Cynthia I turned to my partner and said “I like her.” Her extensive knowledge and experience with a woman’s body and her medical expertise were the right balance of new world/old world that gave me confidence in her and most importantly MYSELF.

My labor and birth was FAST, INTENSE, AMAZING, AWESOME and PERFECT in ALL of the work and pain it took. I was so impressed by Cynthia’s professionalism, know-how and candor. I felt completely held by her and Linnea. (THANK YOU!!). -E B

Cynthia, you are a wonderful, caring individual and I felt so safe in your hands. I felt respected in every way, yet I knew that if there was any complication that required a hospital, you’d call it. This gave me permission to NOT worry about the difficult moments… -S T

I think the general consensus is that people want more babies to prolong being in your care! You are a true gem! …I wish every mom could experience this. For birth to be a natural experience, full of emotion and empowerment and love, and not something to be feared. -V H

My expectations were exceeded! Cynthia, you are so knowledgeable, so caring and so competent. You made me feel confident in my body’s ability to labor and consequently, my labor was fantastic! -J P

My expectations were far exceeded! I still feel so blessed that Cynthia accompanied me to Island Hospital and stayed with me through my c-section until I was in my hospital room! -M W

Working with you all is like being welcomed into a family full of love and support. -A S

Excellent Care, Love and Compassion. -C C

Giving birth naturally is the most amazing experience. You may come out feeling like a warrior. -V L

I always felt that I was in the hands of someone who not only was an expert at midwifery care but who cared about me, my husband and our future baby very much. -K R

My expectations were exceeded. Hour – long appointments with plenty of time for discussion and questions were very valuable. Nutritional info was particularly helpful. Much more holistic than the medical model of care. -H T

[Your] care helped me feel empowered in my pregnancy. Cynthia helped me understand the information behind pregnancy precautions as opposed to listing “dont’s” and cultivating fear. -E G

In the hospital with my first child I felt like I was really stressing out the nurses for just being in labor. It was stressful to me to feel like my support team was uncomfortable with my labor. Cynthia made me feel confident, relaxed and proud of myself during labor by her calmness and by just saying, “you’re doing great.” -L C.

My labor was smooth and nearly painless; it was just all so beautiful and spiritual. I will never forget how perfect Cynthia was. She was like a wallflower beautifully sitting nearby if I needed her and lending encouragement. She let me labor and birth on my with my husband as she quietly sat back and assessed the situation. It was almost like a free birth as my husband caught our newborn but had her wisdom and helped us when we needed her.” – S A

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful experience you and your team provided to me and my family during my pregnancy and after. Your confident supportive and calm spirit made us comfortable with our decision to have a homebirth. We are truly blessed to have brought our baby into the world with your assistance. Thank you again for the exceptional care and your amazing craft.” – M H

“Thank you for everything you did to make my birth experience so wonderful! Your knowledge and experience constantly reassured me throughout my weeks of working with you. I appreciate your confidence in me and what my body was created to do. I was faithful as well, but am still overcome with joy and thankfulness over how well everything went. What a miraculous blessing. Thank you most of all for taking time away from your family to bless mine. We are forever grateful!” -K M

“Thank you for all your support and help throughout this pregnancy. You were an integral part in making it an incredible, joyful experience. We are glad you were a part of our journey.” C J

“Words cannot express how thankful I am for your excellent care, time and love. It has been such an amazing experience seeing you throughout my pregnancy and having the home birth I so desperately wanted. I enjoyed every visit with you and am sad it is over! I am so happy to have such wonderful memories of a fantastic birth, thanks to you! Love always”. -A M

“Thank you so so much for all you have done for me and my family. You are such a blessing in our lives and I so sincerely appreciate all you have done to help bring our children into this world and for sharing the experience of these gifts of life in our family. Thank you for you for all your love and support and help through these most joyous (and most difficult) times in my life. You are truly God sent to us and may He bless you eternally for all you have given and done for me and my family.” -T E

“Thank you for everything. Working with you was honestly the best experience I’ve ever had with a care provider. We feel so lucky to have had you as our midwife. You are wonderful and amazing! Thanks for doing what you do.” – K D B

“(This picture) is so precious to me and speaks a thousand words. Your hand on my back really shows how great you are at your job. I knew you were behind me the whole time and that was all the reassurance I needed. I cannot thank you enough for that. Your love, your kindness, your support and your knowledge is moving. You are an incredible woman, Cynthia and I am beyond grateful to have gotten to know you. My heart has never been more full! You’re stuck with us now! Thanks again for everything! Love you!” -C B

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you as my midwife. I had an amazing pregnancy and wonderful birth. You have touched so many lives and you have touched mine. I am truly grateful and can tell my son when he is older that we had a wonderful midwife that made such a positive experience for us and held space for us to labor and bond. Thank you for forever touching my heart.” LP

“To Cynthia, my guardian Angel. Thank you for all your love, your wisdom, protection and calming grace. You have led so many women and babies on their sacred journeys of pregnancy, birth and onto their rite of passage of mother. Such ab amazing gift you have given to so many of us and to all of mankind as peaceful birth is peaceful beginning for all. You are so loved Cynthia. Thank you for being in our lives. -S A

“I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful care I received with you as my midwife. I always looked forward to my check-ups because you took the time to get to know me instead of just treating me as a patient. Because of you I was able to have the birth that I wanted, if not better than I could have planned! I wish so much I could have you as my midwife for the rest of my pregnancies. I could not have done it without you, thank you so much!” -EG

“My expectations were exceeded above and beyond what I hoped for or even knew what was possible before getting pregnant! We had the exact birth experience we prayed for! My prenatal care was great. I was given as much support for my emotional well-being as my physical well-being,which was great!” – CCH

“Cynthia is as special as the babies she welcomes into this world. At every moment, from the first visit to my precious daughter’s birth, I was in the hands of an expert. I knew that she wanted only what was best for me and my baby. I recommend her to everyone.” – KR