Doulas, Educators & Services Offered

We are proud to live in a community that places a strong importance on taking care of ourselves and each other. We would like to introduce to you some of our community members who are passionate about birth. They look forward to supporting you. Please contact them individually for more information about their services.


Do you have a service related to birth that you would like to share with us? If so, feel free to contact us! We make updates to this page periodically and will post your information if we feel it is appropriate.

Anita Ortega

Anita Ortega

Anita Doula Birth and Postpartum Doula, Placenta Encapsulation,

Keepsake Jewelry

(360)322-2975 [email protected]

Patricia Stevens

Patricia Stevens – Sunflower Doula Birth and Postpartum Doula

[email protected] (805)799-3113

Lisa Toohey

Lisa Toohey – Doula In the Woods Birth Services

[email protected] (360) 929-0618

Certified Full spectrum doula offering pro bono Services for Teen parents.

Mary Jo Estes

Mary Jo Estes -The Empathic Doula, LLC [email protected] 707-73-DOULA

Full Spectrum Doula Services Childbirth Educator Breastfeeding Counselor Reiki Master Also offering pro bono services for Teens, & for Pregnant People whose spouses will be deployed during their births

Erin Wilkes

Erin Wilkes-Encouraging Mothers Doula Services

360-969-6103 Birth Doula for South of Coupville

Suzanne DeSelms

Suzanne DeSelms – Waiting With You Doula Services

South Whidbey clients/comes from Everett (253)740-0380

Stacie Marie Gummere

Stacie Marie Gummere – Doulas of Yggdrasil

Birth and postpartum doula Service Skagit and Whatcom, Anacortes and Whidbey

Phone: 360-610-6161

Email: [email protected]


Catherine GrosJacques

Catherine GrosJacques  –  6 Arrows LLC

Offering childbirth education, grand-parenting in the new millennial, and cloth diaper classes. I have 3 levels of in person support as well as a virtual support package and will be offering daytime only postpartum support. I also offer natural salves, nipple balm and a breastmilk soap package IG @6arrowsdoula

Juliet Paramore

Juliet Paramore

Doula Services for Anacortes

Email: [email protected] (831)420-7217 Birth Doula Services

Marissa Peterson

Marissa Peterson – Simply Natural Doula Services

Offering doula support and CBE classes IG: @simplynaturaldoula

Cashew Pendergrass

Cashew Pendergrass Pregnancy Release Support/abortion/miscarriage/birth doula care

Email: [email protected] Phone 425-877-5451


Meg Heather Ford

Meg Heather Ford Certified Birth Doula  Full Spectrum Doula Advocacy Trauma Informed Care Acupressure for Labor Placenta Encapsulation 415-987-6842


Micah D. R. Bower

Micah Bower – Birth Doula & Yoga Instructor

[email protected] (720) 432-617 Facebook: ClutchMamas

Summer Ewart

Summer Ewart Doula Birth Services

[email protected] (360) 969-4266